December 07, 2009

Women enrich the blood and maintain the skin

Women enrich the blood and maintain the skin
Teach you several method woman enrich the blood, maintain the skin little plaster
Women enrich the blood plaster

All feminine halves all in uncomfortable those days, care about more oneself!

1.¡¡Sheep's neck stews Radix Astragali: Wether's 1 neck, 60 grams of Radix Astragali decoction pieces, put wether's neck into right amount of cold water to boil. Remove the oil foam, boil for half an hour first, wrap Radix Astragali decoction pieces with the gauze, put into pan and boil, treat the meat well done. Can also add the ginger, spring onions, spices. This product invigorates vital energy, enriches the blood, supports and wins and heals the sore efficiency. Used in deficiency of vital energy after illness, after serious disease.

2.¡¡The pigeon stews Radix Notoginseng: Pigeon ( Squab) One, the man overcomes 3710. Fetch 1 living squabs to slaughter, remove the viscera to clean, put Chinese Radix Notoginseng into squab's belly with the cloth parcel, the slow fire is boiled, eat the meat, drink the soup. Hui likes raising pigeons folkly, but does not eat into a pigeon, this may relate to religion, but the postpartum, eat and enrich qi and blood after the operation, blood circulation promoting silt grows new function.

3.¡¡Acupuncture needle Auricularia soup: Virgin ' Virgin bud) Right amount of, appropriate amount of Auricularia. Virgin, it will make it soften that the Auricularia will be used and soaked warmly for half an hour, will remove the earth impurity, add the spring onions, condiment, appropriate amount of water, make into the soup dish. This product cures numbness of deficiency of vital energy, hypertension, cures pile function styptically.

4.¡¡The longan and black soya bean big date are drunk: The meat of longan is 15 grams, 30 grams of black soya beans, 1 big date, boil black soya bean first with water, leave, fetch the fermented bean drink. Remove black soya bean add date boil, put longan meat boil a little, become black and getting red medicine drunk again, 1 times a day. This product drinks function of enriching the blood to tranquilize for a long time, have better curative effect to anaemia, palpitation, insomnia.

5.¡¡The ginger is stewed the dark chicken: 30 grams of fresh ginger are sliced, arrange and put a pot of bottom with the order; 1 little dark chicken, removes hair and viscera, breaks pigeon breast, tile it in the pan, add appropriate amount of water, the slow fire is stewed well. Product this have, tonify deficiency scattered and cold tranquilizing willing of making, stimulating milk secretion function, can assist the treatment as chronic nephritis. " don't record " have " The dark cock stops the pain while mainly mending " . " herbal " has " of food therapy Black female chicken, cure regurgitation suffer from abdominal pain, roll over bone-ache, milk carbuncle, prevent miscarriage " Saying.

6.¡¡Soup of black carp's ormosia: The fresh black carp is a treaty, 30 grams of red red beans. Boil red red bean to expire by half-maturely first. Put one black carp into pan again, add appropriate amount of water and condiment, the little fire is stewed well. This product invigorates vital energy on the repercussive function of favourable water. Can do the treatment of assisting of the urgent chronic nephritis.

7.¡¡Relieve cough, moisten the lung soup: A piece of section of fresh winter pear, 60 grams of section of blue and green turnip, appropriate amount of crystal sugar, appropriate amount of honey, bulb of fritillary of Sichuan is 10 grams, stew well with appropriate amount of water little fire. Drink it again and again. This product has work of cleaning the breath and reducing phlegm, the lung coughs drily, old man's phlegm have certain therapeutic effects more to Winter-Spring
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Ulcer disease food therapy side

Ulcer disease food therapy side
Alimentary therapy earnestly, injure skin, draw materials convenient, easy, evident effect, introduce the alimentary therapy of several kinds of ulcer as follows.

( l) Fresh pork tripe one clean, add right amount of peanut kernel and round-grained nonglutinous rice, set free people add water and stew together in the pan. Boil, flavour with the salt, divide into several clothes and finish. Can repeat once several days later, there are no limitations on course of treatment.

( 2) The peanut kernel is mashed after being soaked for 30 minutes, add 200 ml of milk, boil and wait to be cool, add 30 ml of honey, take before going to bed every night, there are no limitations on the infomal dress. ( 3) 100 of honey, steam, familiar with through water, clothes before a meal 2 times a day, two one course of treatment in month. Forbid alcohols during the diet and stimulate the food spicily.

( 4) The fresh lotus root is cleaned, cut the lotus root festival of one end, note people still cover, fix honey with the toothpick, steam familiarly, drink the soup and eat the lotus root. Fetch the lotus root another one, mince, add right amount of water, fry the intestines to take. Person who bleed to ulcer disease effective, should be cool clothes.

( 5) Fresh rolls of heart fields lying fallow in rotation clean, mash, entangle juice is about to fetch 200 of juice in every day, friend warm slightly, drink to 2 craftsmans before a meal, can also add right amount of malt sugar, 2 times a day, is a course of treatment in 10 days.

( 6) The eggshell is flaming and yellow, grind the end thinly to sieve, obey 3 grams before a meal, take 2- 3 times every day. The eggshell includes calcium 93%, magnesium 10%, phosphoric acid magnesium 0 carbonic acid carbonic acid. 5%, 5% organic matter, have, make sour, function that stop the pain, disappear.

( 7) Fresh Ma Lan head 30 of root, ink fry clothes, a pharmaceutical every day.
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