May 29, 2009

Everything can't be satisfactory and satisfactory

Everything can't be satisfactory and satisfactory
A lot of things are all right for everybody to enjoy in the world
But everything can't be satisfactory and satisfactory
That is a marriage
Many families seem satisfactory
But uncertain the happiness
That is not so bad
There are many persons accompanying all the life
But the heart might not accompany
That is deviating from
Many things are beautiful
But able person people can have
That is money
Much extravagant hope is envied by people
But can only hope and halt
That is personality
Many realistic life lets people yearn for
But can only go to struggle
That is a goal
A lot of persons that love oneself can't snuggle up to interdependently
But can only lovesickness love
That is to miss
A lot of lovers can't lead along by hand all the life
Miss that but can only be hard
That is regretting
Much love is unable to express
But can only hide it in the heart
That is in unrequited love with fashionlife99
Many ways taken by mistake can't come again from the beginning
But can only make mistakes again and again
That is vast and hazy
Much agony is unable to pour out
But can only go from my comfort
That is secret anguish

Many bright life is waving at us
But can only go to struggle hard
That is to strive

Many network friends can meet each other on the fluorescent screen
But can only express the heartfelt wishes with characters
That is fate
Much fate can meet together
But can only be complacent in the heart
That is tacit understanding
Many beautiful women can't belong to one's own all
But the one that can only go stealthily is appreciated
That is to sigh
Friends! Hope we want to treasure the thing that oneself there can be, want one's own rural area treasured place well of management meticulously, especially in actual life, want mind to be magnanimous, the calm one goes to face every thing in life, a kind and gentle one treat everyone around, a happy one spend each day, a happy one spend every for the moment, incorporate to every minute happily, only in this way, we feel, have too much, too many regret .........

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It doesn't represent forgetting to give up

It doesn't represent forgetting to give up
Land, have QQ early in the morning, name " the little scoundrel " good friend Have been deleted, it is bearing.

But the necessary one does it in this way, I do not want him to worry about me, I want to finish all soon.

Will wake up soon in sentimental and beautiful dream, all will be reduced to flying ashes and smouldering smoke ielts registration.

What's the use of I hang QQ later? Has not cared for and missed, keeping it has something to use. fashionlife99

Do not have his head, has not named the little scoundrel's this person, needn't expect the head to flicker either.

Love, aching, ache, cry, has cried, hard.

Opening the diary will all miss and persistent you, what's the advantage, finally what's the use of, so silly oneself.

Delete the diary, have been here again?

Dry the last drop of tears, close eyes, go all out to let you leave?

Try to persuade oneself, trying to persuade oneself many times, is that all right to be here again?

" careless "

Can do anything wrong because of carelessness, can change.

Why on " Careless " Will fall in love with you, let how change I, love how can with so casual.

It was oneself that was just injured, wounded at the same time, you that love deeply.

I so of no use, really of no use, why can't any reason, a careful one keep the distance with you?

" love " How many people are glad, sad, coffee maker with grinder silly for it for it for it, crazy for it, grew, died for it for it

Why even if the such one obstinately stick to a wrong course, knew obviously it is poison, will go to taste.

As you talk about marriage, my heart waver, feel the happiness, it is so near from me, tentacle but and.

I have not injured the innocent with courage, the fault which I once made, pay the high cost, my punishment that this flies to the sky correctly.

I am sorry, I am sorry, to you, I have only a deep apology.

I will not be so careless either " Love " ,it do every piece thing, I will meticulous You Find Limited.

Here but known so either " Careless " .

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